What We Are About

We are writing a book about the history of the Hotel Blanche in Lake City, Florida. Over the next several months we are hoping to schedule personal interviews with people who have worked at the Blanche, had a business at the Blanche, stayed at the Blanche or attended events at the Blanche.

We will also be looking at any and all historical records we can find that reference the Hotel Blanche, copying them, scanning them into to digital format and compiling them into book form. We hope to have all this done and made into a book for distribution before the renovations are complete. Now, that the demolish phase has started on the hotel we will be racing the clock to get all of our research completed, interviews recorded, done and uploaded to the website and the book written and formatted to published in paperback and eBook format.

As we go along we will be posting updates on our progress here on the website along with the pictures, articles, and other things of interest we have collected so far in our journey.

Finally, we would like to solve the riddle of the missing Hotel Registry Books. If you or someone you know has information on where they are or what happened to them we really hope you will get in contact with us.