Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy here at The Blanche A History is very simple. We do not share, sell or give away our subscribers email information for any reason. However, those that wish to receive credit for their stories, photos or videos they wish to share will be posted on the page or blog post that we have entered the items.

Anyone wishing to post comments on any of the posts or pages must subscribe the website and be signed in. Any posts that look like spam or advertisements will be deleted. We use a tool to go through our subscriber’s lists every month and delete any usernames that have been placed on the spammers listing. And those subscribers who haven’t signed in for more than 30 days are also deleted.

There will be advertisements on the posts, sidebars and on some of the pages. These are automated and help to fund this website. We do not endorse any of them and if you decide to click on them that is your choice. We do try to limit pop-ups and annoying ads when and where we can.

We have only one email for this website: TheBlanche dot AHistory at websandblogsforwriters dot com. Should you receive an email from any other email it is probably spam and should be deleted. We only contact subscribers who have contacted us and whenever we post a new blog post you will get an email notice about that.

We reserve the right to add, delete or change any items within this policy as our needs arise.