Hotel Employees

We are collecting the names and stories of the hotel workers. They are, after all, the backbone of the business. They take care of all the patrons but they also hear the gossip and know all the secrets. Since the hotel closed down in the late 50’s we are unlikely to find many living former employees but I’m sure that there is still the family of these employees in the area and we would love to hear from them. For those who worked at the hotel during the 60s when it was a retirement home, we would like to hear from you too. The purpose of this book is to tell the story of the people who inhabited the building and not so much about its physical structural changes over the years.

Once we get more names we will create something cool to display them for our readers.

Prior to Opening

Mr. D.W. Brown Property Owner
Mr. Frank Milburn – Architect for New Hotel
Mr. H.W. Otis – Contractor
Mr. W. Riley Deloach of Live Oak Assisted Mr. Chappell in getting the Hotel ready for opening day
Mr. Joe Aldridge did all the fancy woodwork inside the Hotel
Mr. J.B. Barton of Live Oak supplied all the furniture for the hotel

1902 Employee Roll Call

David Willard Brown, Building Owner
J.W. Chappell, Hotel Manager
W.A. Dunston, Assistant Manager
C.B. Lansdell, Steward
Charles Jenkins, Chief Cook

1903 Employee Roll Call

D.E. Whetstone replacing J.W. Chappell as Manager May 1903 (Owner of Telephone Company)
W. Riley Deloach, Steward
Alex Rice, Clerk
Mr. C. Daniels, Chief Cook